Death (inc)

Held at London's Excel centre DSEi is a huge multi corporate event attracting 1,300 exhibitors and over 28,000 visitors. Like other events of its type companies display their wears enticingly, hoping to lure a potential customer in, then they go in for the kill. And death is what they sell. DSEi (Defense and Security Equipment International) is the worlds largest arms fair. Each year warships are sailed up the River Themes and lined up in Royal Victoria Dock - where hover crafts and fast attack boats are demonstrated. You can buy everything form fighter bombers to state of the art surveillance equipment, tanks to assault rifles. There are seminars from government minister and "Industry Heavyweights" not to mention the great networking opportunities so that you can "develop international relationships and generate new business opportunities".

While this event of "Infinite opportunities" as the organizers like to bill it goes on the area around the Excel Centre is completely sealed off -roads are blocked and Police and private security personnel man checkpoints. Visitors, buyers and sellers, commute to Excel Centre sharing their journey on the Docklands Light Railway with everyday workers. Everywhere around the site life goes on as usual, all-the-while billions of pounds worth of arms are being bought and sold just yards away.