This work is a docu-ficion. It is the point of view of a person, it could be me; it could be you or someone else entirely. My protagonist is an ordinary person, one of the millions of people that live in Britain today, yet they feel like something of an outsider in their own country. They can see that much of their country’s history, much of the past “Glory” is in a way, mythical and that the present is part of an increasingly rapid decline into high levels of violence, alienation, loss if identity, economic instability and social disintegration culminating in increasing international irrelevance. With that comes the full realization that the future is going to be bleak. This clarity brings in its wake the disturbing psychological after shock; the realization that they are powerless to stem the tide of this social decay; yet they can’t wholly give into it, instead they are tormented by its presence and its encroachment into their life and their dreams, as if it were a conscious entity willfully taunting them. 


This is my Britain, not yours. You may not recognise or like what you see, but that doesn’t bother me. It’s a place I love, or rather, a place I love the idea of. It’s nice to think of a Land of Hope and Glory, Green and Pleasant Lands and Sceptered Isles; but I doubt they ever existed. If they did they don’t now, I know, I live here – I can see what it’s really like. It’s probably a lot different for some people, but they are the few. For me, for the rest of them it’s not so “Great”. For a start: Who are we? The British I mean. Here we are all living together, cheek to jowl, pretending to get along, being all multi-cultural, but hating each other really. People scramble to get ahead in the big game, not knowing or bothering to care that they’re making someone else’s dream a reality, not their own. Day after day, the same old grind, just look at their faces. Most of the time I can’t bear to look at them, they’re not much more than a blur with their dumb cow expressions. But once in a while, struggling through the herd I see some of them clearly, and all I see is pain, misery, alienation and angst. Almost total resignation to it all. I wonder: what are you? What are you for? Is this it? Is this the best that can be hope for?  

Get up. Go to work. Go home. Feed the kids. Watch crap TV. Surf the net. Go to sleep. Worry about the bills. Get up and do it all again. Bollocks. Is this what we’ve become? Is this it? What a joke. Land of Hope and Glory! I can’t see much Hope, or Glory for that matter. 

Lets face it, this is a small grubby little island, the green is vanishing pretty quickly and what was left of the pleasant went out when the ASBO came in. Just look at the news: gang murders,child rape, institutional abuse, corruption, corporate fraud, collapse of the economy, dirty foreign wars, home bread terrorists, breakdown of the infrastructure, newspaper phone hacking, child poverty, adult poverty, chronic drug abuse; come on, is it really that Great? Like fuck it is!